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Michael Cartwright

Michael’s artistic journey began 30 years ago when he started to draw and paint trees and cottages. He considers himself a prolific painter whose interest in art was perhaps inherited from his father. His Father was an art teacher and an accomplished artist who mentored Michael during the early part of his career.

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Oil paint is his preferred medium and he have developed various landscape styles and techniques over the years. Painting spontaneously using a palette knife is his usual method. Michael likes to establish values first, colours second, then apply paint thick and textured but with emphasis also on colour, contrast and depth. He relies on instinct to guide him towards the end of a painting after strictly following the rules of composition in the beginning.

Living in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Michael is fortunate to be surrounded by a variety of beautiful scenery. Being greatly inspired by the many river scenes, karri trees, country cottages and ever changing seascapes in this amazing and unique part of the world. It where the forest meets the sea.
Other sources of inspiration come from North Western Australia including the Kimberley region, the golden outback and the beautiful Karijini National Park.

Michael likes to paint or sketch outdoors whenever possible as he believes that being among nature enhances perception. ”Plein Air” painting has been an important part of his learning process. It has taught him much about composition and the discipline required of painting colours and values quickly and accurately before the light changes.

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11 Items