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Canvas Stretching

Gallery 360 offer professional canvas stretching to enhance your original art or prints on canvas; ready to hang as a stunning focal point in any room.  Our extensive experience with all canvas types and styles includes Aboriginal, Balinese & African art.  We will initially assess the artwork’s suitability for stretching; for example there may be a possibility of cracking if the canvas has not been primed properly before being painted which could potentially ruin the artwork if then stretched and will then select appropriate sized stretcher bars.

Oversize canvas art is an area we specialise in. Oversized canvas requires special care and expertise, ensuring these artworks are correctly supported and stretched.

Canvas art that has been painted right to the edge of the canvas without any borders, are also suitable for stretching, as Gallery 360 use conservation edges to allow the artwork to be stretched without compromising the image.  The stretcher bars we use are solid wood and not susceptible to drying out or warping (preventing the need for re stretching in the future) Our Stretcher bars are naturally insect resistant, further protecting your artworks from dust mite and other insects.

For extra protection Gallery 360 can protect the backing of the canvas using a polyethelyne backing material that will protect against:

  • dust accumulation and subsequent damage from dust mites and other insects,
  • water damage from damp environments
  • vibration during transportation that may cause cracking to the paint.

You may like to consider adding a frame to the border of the stretched canvas to add style and substance to the image. Whether it is the minimalist “Float” frame or something more traditional or substantial, a framed canvas looks more “finished” compared to a stretched canvas. The Gallery 360 team will show you some ideas from our thousands of frames.

At Gallery 360 your artwork is in experienced hands and will be stretched with due care and attention to its particular requirements.  We finish our canvas works with our exclusive hangers that enable your canvas to sit flush and straight on the wall. If security is an issue, we can provide  security fittings that enable your canvas to be locked onto the wall.

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