A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions than anything else in the world.

Edmond de Goncourt

Burnt Orange II by Natasha Barnes

When it comes to ensuring your artwork and photographs stand the test of time, Gallery 360 specialises in art restoration and works with the best framers in Perth to help bring your piece back to life. Since 1994, Gallery 360’s team of restorers have restored hundreds of gilded, period picture frames and damaged artwork for clients all over the country.

Paintings that have tears or punctures can also be repaired; regardless if the painting was done by a famous artist, family member or friend, every piece is treated with professional care and method. Likewise, artworks suffering from water, mould, smoke damage and insects can be assessed by a variety of trained Gallery 360 conservators.

Most people may also have family heirlooms that have suffered over time, but did you know this may all come down to the type of framing used? Good framing can actively preserve items whilst bad framing can destroy precious family and historical memories.

How? If you choose the wrong photo frame for your images and it’s not sealed or contains the wrong glass, this can actively damage the paint due to chemical reactions, resulting in damage over time.

This is specifically common with older frames, as whilst they retain monetary value they have often suffered through time with dust and smoke (through standing above fireplaces for example). If this is something you can relate to, we’re here to help! Gallery 360 houses the best photo framers in Perth and our frame team will work closely with you to bring your piece back to life. When restoring your work, we always ensure the artistic integrity of the original piece is kept intact, and the period of the frame matches the artwork.

Art restoration is extremely effective and will make such a difference to your treasured piece. It brings a whole new level of enjoyment and can of course increase the value of your artwork. If you’re interested in having someone take a look at a piece needing restoration, contact us to discuss your needs and prepare an obligation free condition report.

Whether it’s conservation of your original early photograph or digital restoration, our digital restorations team include photo conservators and graphic designers who specialize in digital photo restoration.