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Tatiana Amaral

Tatika was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a densely populated mega metropolis – one of the biggest in the world. From an early age, Tatika was fascinated and drawn to visual arts. As a teen, she studied in a technical arts college after regular schooling hours. Later, she graduated with an internationally recognized Fine Arts Degree from a prestigious Brazilian University.

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Tatika subsequently worked independently specializing in papier-mache creations. She also performed a variety of freelance artistry, including set design on national television commercials. Tatika then applied her skills teaching art in China and since 2009, has resided in Australia.

Coming from and growing up in a concrete jungle, Tatika greatly appreciates nature and is constantly enamored by the escape and inspiration it provides. This passion, combined with Tatika´s artistic eye, compels close examination of the intricate patterns, shapes, textures and colors found everywhere in her surrounding environs.

Recycled materials have long-been a common theme in her work. In keeping with Tatika´s nature-inspired creations, she currently works with cotton waste sourced from the fashion industry. With such salvaged and reconstructed materials, her work symbolizes the regeneration born of nature’s continuous cycles, and seeks to represent the natural beauty she sees in her new Australian home.


Adobe Illustrator (Beginner) Perth Central TAFE

Stage Make-up for Children http://www.catharinehill.com.br/home.php

1998 – 2001
Bachelor of Arts Education (FAAP)  http://www.faap.br/

AEI-NOOSR Reference no.: CAS-03210-N1VNFJ

Art & Crafts, Escola Panamericana de Artes (EPA)


Painting, Escola Panamericana de Artes (EPA)

Basic Drawing, Escola Panamericana de Artes (EPA)


Australian exhibition

2019                       Art Awards Exhibition, City of Bayswater, Australia / November

  2019                       Art Awards Exhibition, City of Stirling, Australia / October

  2019                       Art Awards Exhibition, City of Claremont, Australia / August

2019                        Art Exhibition, Hale / September

2019                       Art Awards Exhibition, City of Joondalup, Australia / June

2019                      Entrant to Art Awards Exhibition, City of Wanneroo / May

2018                       Darlington Arts festival/ October

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