Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas

Liquid Light by Narelle Pendlebury

Elizabeth Richards

Visual Artist, Graphic Designer

University of Western Australia, Bachelor of Arts Hons (Double Major Fine Arts)

Curtin University – Bachelor of Arts – Graphic Design

I began my career as a graphic designer with my own private art practice, that was put on hold when I had my three sons. However as my children grew up, oil painting has taken over as my primary career focus and passion.

The visual art I practice is centered on capturing the beauty in small ephemeral objects around me – at this time flowers. They bloom for such a short time; I photograph them at the height of their beauty then blow up the image to paint on large canvases.  I work in a photo realistic style with oil paint, so that the once fleeting beauty of the flower is captured, dramatically enlarged and will last for a lifetime. Due to my design background my work has a very graphic quality with a lot of attention paid to bold composition and colour.  I enjoy the intensity and detail of the work that I do.  While it does require a lot of patience and concentration the reward is standing back and seeing a small beautiful bloom transformed into a large dramatic piece of Art.

My work is in private collections throughout Perth.

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2 Items