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Artist of the Month

Hiding from the world

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January 2015

Kim Maple - artist of the month 

 7898 Maple Red Table 680x750 Oil on linen 2500 LR

7895 Maple Pink Jug 700x700 oil on Linen 1950 LR

7894 Maple All to Go 600c620 oil on canvas 1100 LR


December 2014

Bronwen Newbury - ARTIST OF THE MONTH

7874 When the boats come in Newbury 3300 1200 x 1000 LR

7873 Lay about NEWBURY 3300 1200 x 1000 LR



November 2014

Christine Hingston - Artist of the month

Who let the dogs out. 198x137cm. 8000 LR

The Cyclist.122x122cm4900 LR

September 2014

Cher Van Schouwen - Artist of the month

7830 Three Wise Mules VAN SCHOUWEN mixed media on linen canvas 1200 x 1800mm 5200 LR 

7837 One Moment VAN SCHOUWEN mixed media on linen canvas 1010 x 1520mm 3900 LR


C H E R  v a n  S C H O U W E N


S P R I N G  C O L L E C T I O N


"This Spring Collection captures the fresh language




Trying to open up a space, bring more light into a room, or just wanting to introduce style without adding another artwork? Why not use a mirror.

Mirrors 1

Mirrors are a great way to introduce a unique sense of style without adding a context that isnt already in your room. Mirrors give the illusion of more space in a room and when positioned right can introduce light to the



Football Jerseys


Located near the home of AFL in Western Australia, Patersons Stadium, it is only natural we are one of the preferred specialist framers when it comes to presenting football jerseys.  

Eagles jersy

Dockers jersy


Real, professional picture framers are hard to find - framers like us, with an expert understanding of appropriate presentation, conservation practice and the need for real works of art to stand out for themselves in a well considered and finely constructed setting.


Poor framing will devalue your artwork and in some cases, actively destroy it.

Over many years, we've kept up to date with scientific progress and advice in our industry. What was acceptable practice a few years ago may now be regarded as poor, or even bad practice.

This particularly applies to mountboards and fixing tapes - the most common materials which have direct contact with your artwork. Poor quality (usually cheaper) material will irreversibly damage your artwork.

Experience is knowing wh



March 2015

"CHASING LIGHT" Exhibitition

By Photographer Dylan Fox


February 2015

rOCK n' rOll exhibition

Gallery 360 presents an exclusive peek at

an amazing collection of 50 years of original

Rock n' Roll Posters Until 28 February.

Here is your chance to view some of Australia's greatest Musical history and relive some amazing rock ' roll gigs.

The exhibition highlights the art and artists behind some of Australia' s greatest bands.

 Some of these artists continued their artisti careers to become household names, including Reg Mombassa and Ben Brown.

Gallery 360 is fortunate to be able to present for sale some of these artist's iconnic rock  posters as Ltd  Ed Giclee fine art prints, all individually signed and numbered by these great artists.

This opportunity exists for a short time, so take advantage and come into the gallery to view this truely amazing exhibition.  Bring your friends - they will love it too!!

Visit our artist of the month page for more informa



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