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Artiteq click rail nylon wall plug


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Name: Artiteq click rail

nylon wall plug 6mm

Size: 6mm



Use with Click Rail, Click Rail Pro or Ceiling Rail.
Use with Click Rail Click & Connect.

For gyprock and plasterboard walls replace the screw plug with a wall mate.


Integrating a stylish and flexible art hanging system into a retail, home, office, gallery or public space is quickly and easily done with the Artiteq Click Rail solution – in just 3 simple steps the Click Rail can be fastened to a wall ready for art, posters, graphics or other interior decor to be hung.

By inserting drops into the Click Rail track at any location, combined with your choice of picture hooks, you can create a flexible and easily changeable suspension solution for all your wall decorations.

The white primer Click Rail option allows you to paint the rail the same colour as the wall making the Click Rail hanging system virtually invisible.

The Click Rail solution has a maximum load weight of 20 kg per metre when correctly fixed to a wall using Artiteq Click & Connect’s positioned every 40 cm.