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Paper Fish by Christine Hingston

Looking for a unique finish? Select from our hand-finished frames on display. Or our craftspeople can create customised handmade frames and finishes.

We are one of the few places in the Southern Hemisphere where artisans still practice this rare skill. Visit Gallery 360 to discuss your special requirements.

At Gallery 360, we have the ability to create our own mouldings and create custom finished frames to order. While we have over 150 different profile shapes to choose from, we often design new profiles to use, based on drawings our customers bring to us, or from historical frames we have seen. This variety is what allows us to create special frames for your art. Our custom frames are built and finished one at a time, measured to fit precisely and to allow the proper depth for canvases or other special depth requirements. In addition, our staff can hand carve a frame or use a decorative corner or pattern from the collection of over 1000 composition molds that we own. We can also make our own molds by casting patterns from antique frames or by hand carving a design that we want to duplicate.

Our finish possibilities cover a wide spectrum as well, from natural woods, stains, paints, gold and silver leaf. Each frame is toned to work with your artwork. Attention to detail is as important to us as it is to you.


Gilding can add a touch of opulence or old-world charm to your framing. Originating in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, gilding is the traditional process of applying a layer of real or imitation gold or silver leaf to a frame’s surface. It can be used all over a frame or blended with hand-painting to achieve different effects in gold, bronze or silver. The advantages of gilding with gold leaf compared to other gold-coloured finishes include its rich reflective quality, durability and resistance to tarnishing.


If you need architectural gilding, Gallery 360 are the people to call. We have experience working on location doing large and small projects. If a wall, alcove or some other area in your building would benefit form the unique, long lasting and opulent finish provided by gilding in gold or silver leaf, contact us for an on-site consultation.