Our Annual Framed Print Sale Now On. All one of a kind works. Until 30 June or sold out. Visit Gallery 360 to get first choice.

Parakeet Perfection 5/90 by Dylan Fox

If you’re a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ and want to save on framing costs,  (because after all, it is just four sticks of wood and a piece of glass, right ? ) we have all the supplies you need.

You can buy everything to complete the whole project yourself, or we can do part of the job for you to make things easier.

  • Timber moulding by the length – or we can chop and join it for you
  • mat boards by the sheet – or we can cut the window for you
  • glass cut to size (we do not sell full sheets of glass)
  • backing materials by the sheet – or, (you guessed it!)  we can cut it to size for you

If you decide it is not as easy as it looks (and it isin’t folks!), bring your work to us and the Gallery 360 team will cheerfully help you out.