A line is a dot that went for a walk.

Paul Klee

Liquid Light by Narelle Pendlebury

Richard Bristow

Richard first studied art at Chartesey in London,mainly pen & ink work while studying draughtsmanship which he never took up, instead went into the Film industry working on films and TV series, he only began watercolour painting in 1995.

Richard is mostly a self taught watercolourist and has participated in workshops by Robert Wade, Alvaro Castagnet, Keiko Tanabe and others.

 Richard tries to put vibrancy to work when painting flower paintings, this colourful realism, combined with composition and strong sense of light and shadows he hopes to leave a long lasting impression on the viewer.

He enjoys painting the narrow streets of Provence and Tuscany with their bright sunshine and deep shadows with pavement Cafes.

Lately painting “Creative Impressionism” which he finds is fun, interesting in achieving.

Richard is a member of the Watercolour Society of WA, Rockingham Watercolour Society past member of the Cairns Art Society also the Queensland Watercolour Society.

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Richard and his Family have lived in WA for over 35years.

Richard treats painting as a hobby, but finds time to give workshops and demonstrations for intermediate, he has written Art Tips for “Watercolor Magic”(USA) and has had his work published in “Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists” in the USA.

Richard has won over 60 art awards and has had 9 successful solo exhibitions, his paintings   hang in homes and Galleries across the world and most Australian States and Territories, his work has been purchased by Councils to give as gifts to visiting dignitaries.

Art Awards won by Richard Bristow.

2018, Highly Commended, Watercolour, Wagin Woolarama.

2017, Highly Commended,Watercolour, Cockburn Art Awards.

2016,“Best Overall” Rockingham Beach Cup Art Exhibition.

2016,Open Prize, Boddington Art Awards.

2016, Highly Commended,”Aspect of Cockburn”

2016, Highly Commended, Watercolour,Cockburn Art Awards.

2016, 1st Prize, Serpentine-Jaradale Livelighter Art Awards.

2016, 2nd Prize, Serpentine-Jarahdale Livelighter Art Awards.

  1. Highly Commended, Williams Gateway Art Expo.

2016, 2nd Prize,Watercolour, Wagin Woolarama.

2016, Highly Commended, Watercolour, Wagin Woolarama.

2015, Popular Choice Award, Boddington Art Awards.

2015, Highly Commended,Watercolour, Harvey Art Prize, (Birds)

2015, Highly Commended, Watercolour, Cockburn Art Awards.

2015, Highly Commended Watercolour, North Midland Agricultural Society.

2014,”Alcoa Acquisition Prize” Boddington, Art Awards

2014, Best Watercolour, Lions Club Art Awards, Dunsborough.

2013, ”Alcoa Acquisition Prize” Boddington Art Awards.

2013, Highly Commended,Works on Paper, Kondinin Art Awards.

2013 ,1st Prize, Seascapes, Cervantes Festival of Art.

2013, Highly Commended,Watercolour,Cockburn Art Awards.

2013, Highly Commended,”Aspects of Cockburn.Cockburn Art Awards.

2013, Highly Commended. North Midland Agricultural Society,

2013, 1st Prize, Works on Paper.Boyup Brook Art Awards,

2011, Alcoa Acquisition Award Boddington Art Awards.

2011, Excellence Award, Watercolour, Harvey Art Awards.

2011, First Prize,Watercolour,Cockburn Art Awards.

2010, Highly Commended, Rockingham Watercolour Society.

2010, 1st Prize,”Works on Paper” Kondinin Art Prize.

2010, Merit Award, Cockburn Art Awards.

2010, Highly Commended, Rockingham Art Awards.

2010, Highly Commended, Cossack Art Awards.

2009, Peoples Choice Award, Rockingham Art Awards.

2009, Highly Commended, Watercolour, Cockburn Art Awards.

2009, Highly Commended,”Aspects of Cockburn” Cockburn Art Awards.

2008, Second prize, Watercolour, Harvey Art Prize.

2008, Best Watercolour, Lions Art Awards, Dunsborough.

2007, Best Watercolour, Dalwallinu Art Awards.

2007, Peoples Choice Award, Continence service Inaugural Art Award.

2007, Highly Commended, Port Hedland Art Awards.

2007, 1st Prize,Watercolour, City of Stirling Art Awards.

2005, 1st Prize,Watercolour, Rockingham Regional Art Awards.

2004, 1st Prize,Watercolour, Hinchinbrook Art Awards, (Qld).

2004, 1st Prize,Watercolour, Gin Gin Art Awards, (Qld).

2003, 1st Prize, Malanda Art Show, (Qld).

2003, 1st Prize, Watercolour,TownsvilleArt Show,(Qld).

2003, 1st Prize, Watercolour, Hinchinbrook Art Awards,(Qld).

2003, 1st Prize, Dr Edward KochArt Exhibition,Cairns, (Qld).

2003, 1st Prize,Watercolour,Cooktown Art Show, (Qld).

2002, 1st Prize, Watercolour, Tully Art Show, (Qld).

2002, Best Overall, Dr Edward Koch Art Exhibition, Cairns, (Qld).

2002, 1st Prize, Pen & Wash, Malanda Art Show,(Qld)

2002, 1st Prize,Watercolour, Malanda Art Show, (Qld).

2002, 1st Prize, “Local Scene” Malanda Art Show, (Qld).

2001, Highly Commended, Watercolour, Cossack Art Awards.

2001, 1st Prize Watercolour, Minnawarra Art Awards.

2001, Best Watercolour, Dunsborough Art Show,

2000, Best Watercolour, Dunsborough Art Show.

2000, 1st Prize,Watercolour, Beverly Art Awards.

2000, Highly Commended, Cossack Art Awards.

1999, Best Watercolour, Dunsborough Art Show.

1998, Best Pen & Wash, Dunsborough Art Show.

1998, 1st Prize, Themed, Busselton Art Show.

1998, 1st Prize, Open, Busselton Art Show.

  1. 1st Prize, Seascape, Busselton Art Show.

1997 ,1st Prize, Watercolour, Nannup Art Show.

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