Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

Liquid Light by Narelle Pendlebury

Gallery 360 stocks a variety of clever gallery hanging systems that are versatile, unobtrusive and easy to install. These allow you to rearrange your art and photo frames and add to your collection whenever you like, without leaving marks on your walls.

For framed artwork, photo frames and mirrors you can select from our gallery hanging systems. For lightweight works on paper or temporary exhibitions and displays, Gallery 360 stocks the Magnart range. Incorporating a magnet system that can be removed and reused, this is a great way of displaying your favourite photos, temporary maps or posters on bedroom walls or other applications. Both our gallery hanging systems and Magnart ranges are suitable for rental properties, allowing you to hang your pieces without drilling holes in the walls.

There are so many benefits to having the right hanging system; they are unobtrusive and reusable if you move house, and also save you money because you don’t have to touch up wall paint when you take art down or remove it.

It can be easy to spend money on great art and cut costs with hanging systems, but the two go hand in hand, and hanging systems are a key component of the artwork package.
At Gallery 360 we provide leading framing services in Perth and hanging systems form a part of this. We can install the desired system in your home and help plan the whole process from the start.

If you bring in floor plans, provide measurements or we can visit the site. We will also take you through a consultation to guide you through choosing the right system for your home and other relevant considerations. With some of the best design consultants and framers in Perth, we will always find the best, most effective solution for you.

So why not come in and find out more; with one of the largest ranges of picture frames in Perth and corresponding hanging systems, we have all your art needs covered.