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At Gallery 360, we boast a fine collection of original art and invite you to come in and experience our stunning pieces, whilst taking advantage of the expertise of our design consultants.

Buying art takes a specific process and there are numerous elements to consider and take into account before making your big purchase. Firstly and most importantly, always ensure you buy art you love. This may seem simple, but it’s key in ensuring your piece stands the test of time. Secondly, make sure it fits well and is in harmony within your space, whether this be at the home or office. Finally, presentation is everything; ensure framing is of high quality and the right fit for your piece as this can make all the difference. If you’re not sure where to start, rest assured, our design consultants will work with you to advise what artwork will suit your space best.

To further assist your art buying process, Gallery 360 specifically chooses Western Australian artists with pieces that can fit in with your surroundings. We handpick these artists based on their artistic value, with works from Jo Duffy, Dylan Fox, Cameron Langridge, Christine Hingston, Jo Darvall, Kim Maple and so many more. These established artists are exquisitely unique in their pieces, providing Gallery 360 with the very best original art.

We also do framing and are home to some of the best art framers in Perth. From custom framing, photo frames and acrylic framing, Gallery 360 is West Australia’s premium framing gallery. We believe a good frame adds substance, protects and adds value to any piece and can essentially make or break the viewing pleasure. This is why we place the utmost importance in offering you the best framing service in Perth, and can create custom frames to suit your individual pieces.




2010          Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Art), Australian National University, Research SChool of Humanities: Towards an Idiosyncratic Calligraphic Vision in Painting
                  College of Music, Visual Arts and Theatre - Part time
1998          Master of Fine Art (Research), University of Western Australia, School of Architecture and Fine Arts. Research; Object Painting
1993          B.A Honours Class 2a - Visual Art-Edith Cowan University, School of Visual Art
1989/86     B.A. Visual Art - Major in Painting - Edith Cowan University
1984/82     Diploma in Fine Art - Major in Painting, Claremont School of Art

2010 January - Sensyudo Art Residency - Wajima City - Ishikawa Prefecture - Japan


2017      Lightning one day soslo show 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi

2015      Solo Show - Ashiya Garo - Omomuki Painting Ashiya Japan

 2015     Solo Show Tobin Ohashi Gallery Tokyo

2015      Solo Show 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi Japan

2014      Solo Show Gallery Gallery 360 Subiaco Western Australia  

2014      Solo Show Gallery Horikawa - Paintings & Drawings - Kobe - Japan

2013      Solo Show Gallery Horikawa - Paintings & Drawings - Kobe - Japan

2010      Solo Show Sensyudo Art Residency -

               Wajima City - Ishikawa Prefecture – Japan

2009      Solo show AD&A Gallery Osaka

2008      Solo Show Gallery Horikowa Kobe Japan

2008      Solo Show Perth Galleries Western Australia

2007      Solo show Gallery Horikowa Kobe Japan

2006      Solo Show Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, Western Australia

2005      Gallery Horikawa, Kobe, Japan
                Landscape and Memory in Objective Calligraphic Vision, Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, Western Australia

2004      The Role of Time in Creating the Intersection between the Objective and the Calligraphic Vision, James Cook University, Vincent Gallery,                               Townsville 

                The Light of the Ikawa Valley painted through time, Gallery Horikowa, Kobe - Japan
2000       The Strangeness of Natural Vision, 36 Views of the Mandurah Estuary, Perth Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
1998       Gulag Gallery, Perth, Western Australia
1997       Sensation, Kalla Yeedip Gallery, Studio Gallery, Eastern Arts Centre, Midland, Western Australia
1996       Object Painting, New Collectables Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia
1995       St. John of Gods Hospital, Murdoch, Western Australia
1994       Private Gallery, Perth, Western Australia
1992       Kalgoorlie Galleries, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

2017         The Wild Swan Art Group - The Australian High Commission Singapore- Singapore

2017         The Wild Swan Art Group with Sandaharu Horio - Nyisztor Studio -  Perth Western Australia

2017         A Frienship Gutai meets Western Australian Artists  - 2 Dogs Art Space - Akashi

2017         Harmony and Peace exhibition by artists from Japan and Western Australia, Gallery Opera Labo - Kobe

2016         Dohjidai Gallery 20th Anniversary Independants exhibition - Kyoto

2016        Wild Swan Art Group, Okinawa Prefectual Museum/Museum of Art Public Gallery 3

 2016       Wild Swan Art Group, Gallery Opera Labo Kobe Japan

2014        Collaboration Opera Performance/Painting with Makiko (Saprono), Ayu Yamamoto (Piano) Sunmoon Boutique Resort Perth Western Australia

2014        Collaboration Opera Performance/Painting with Makiko (Saprono), Tetsuro karitiani (Baritone) and Ayu Yamaoto (Piano)

                  BB Plaza Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan

2013        Collaborative Opera Performance/Painting Bansuiso French Chateau with  with Makiko (soprano) & Testuro (Baritone)  Karitani pianist Ayu                             Yamaoto 

2012        10  Western Australian Artists Present Independent Visions in Kyoto - Dohjidai Gallery of Art - Kyoto

2012        Gallery O-NUL - Deagu - Korea

2012        Peter Davidson and Seven Western Australian artists Horikawa  Gallery - Kobe

2011        Pippa Tandy & Peter Davidson Horikawa Gallery, Kobe

2009        Pippa Tandy & Peter DavidsonHorikawa Gallery, Kobe

2009        Peter Davidson Drawings - Mari Murata & Mika Yoshia

                 Archeological rubbings from Urban Tokyo – Kurb Gallery - June 7th - 13th

2008       Peter Davidson - Hiroko Takahama - Nobuko Hayashi,

                 Idiosyncratic Visions by Three Kobe Artists -

                 Foyer Gallery, Australian National University ,Canberra, Australia.

2006        Group show, Gallery Horikawa, Kobe, Japan
2005        Paintings Peter Davidson & Interior Country Lesley Meaney, Perth Galleries, Western Australia
2002        Recent Works, Perth Galleries, Western Australia
2001        The Verge Gallery Group Show, Perth, Western Australia
2000        The Strangeness of Natural Vision, 36 Views of the Mandurah Estuary & Recent Paintings, Jonathon Snowball, Perth Galleries, Western                                 Australia   
1999        City of Joondalup Art Prize, Joondalup, Western Australia
1998        Test One, Gulag Gallery, Perth, University of Western Australia
1997        Fresh 97 Exhibition, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Western Australia
1996        Post Graduate Show, Jack Sue Gallery, Perth, University of Western Australia
                 The Underfeeted, Cullity Gallery, University of Western Australia
1994        Gareth Morse & Peter Davidson, Goldfields Art Gallery, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
1993        Workings from the Goldfields, S.E.A. Gallery, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia
                 Portfolio, Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia
1992        One Hundred Years of Goldmining, The Perth Mint Show, Perth Galleries Craft Council of Western Australia
1991        Peter Davidson, Brian McKay & Toni Donnely, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Western Australia
1988        Group Show, Goodridge Galleries, Perth Western Australia
1987        National Student Art Prize, Mitchell College Union, New South Wales
1985        Peter Davidson & Tom Alberts, Western Australian College of Advanced Education, Mt Lawley, Western Australia
                 Group Show, Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Western Australia



1994        Kalgoorlie Consolidated Art Prized - Open - First Prize
1992        Leonora Art Prize - Drawing Highly Commended
1991        The Kalgoorlie Boulder City - Mining Prize - First Prize
1991        The City of Nedlands - Tenth Annual Art Award - Highly Commended
1990        The Kalgoorlie Boulder City - Open Painting Prize - First Prize
1990        Leonora Art Prize - Painting - Winner - First Prize
1990        Leonora Art Prize - Drawing – Winner - First Prize
1984        Claremont Town Council Acquisition Award - Joint First Prize

2007        Abe made right move, Opinion,
2005        Paintings, Peter Davidson, Gallery Circuit, Vol 18 no 3, Published by The Association of Western Australian Art Galleries (Incorporated in WA)                       Jul-Sep 2005, page 22
2004        The Role of Time in Creating the Intersection between the Objective and the Calligraphic Vision, James Cook University, Vincent Gallery,                              Townsville 12 - 26 November 2004
2003        Japanese ideas influenced painter, Opinion, Readers in Council, Japan Times Newspaper, August 2003
2002        Labels taint feast without cream, Letters, The Australian Newspaper, 1 April, 2002, page 16
2001        Freud analysis, Letters, The Weekend Australian Newspaper, 21-22 April, 2001, page 20
2000        The Strangeness of Natural Vision, 36 Views of the Mandurah Estuary, Perth Galleries, Western Australia
1997        Fresh 97, Temporal Painting, A PICA Press Publication, Perth, Western Australia, 1997, page 9
1996        Object Painting, Centre for the Creative Eye, School of Architecture and Fine Arts, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Western                               Australia 
1996        'underfeeted' Exhibition Catalogue, May/June 1996, School of Architecture and Fine Arts, The University of Western Australia
2004       Art Gallery, Hyogo Prefecture Section, Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan 2005, page 23

                 Views from the other side, Ric Spencer,Visual Art, Weekend Extra, The Western Australia, 16-7-2005, page 12

                 Viva, Community Newspaper, Kobe, Japan, 16 April, 2004, No 376
2002        In the Picture, Neville Weston, Arts, Weekend Extra, 12 October, 2002, page 11
2001        Freud builds on NGA greats, Bernard Smith, Letters, The Australian Newspaper, 24 April, 2004, page 8
2000        Home is where the eye is, David Bromfield, Arts, On Show, The Western Australia 30 September, 2000, page 6
                 36 Views of Mandurah, David Bromfield, Arts, Big Weekend, The Western Australian, 23 September, 2000, page 6
1998        Nature Portrayed in Altered States, David Bromfield, Arts, Big Weekend, The Western Australian Newspaper 12 September,1998, page 6
1997        A Successful State of Flux, Fresh 97, An exhibition of time installations, time based electronic media works, PICA, Visual Art and Theatre, The                        Western Review, No 38, May 97, page 14
1997        Artists given a Fresh start, Today Arts, The Western Australian Newspaper, 25 March, 1997
                 Fresh 97, "re fresh" essay by Jopinica Sheridan, A PICA Press Publication, Perth, Western Australia, 1997, page 2
1996        Peter Davidson New Collectables Gallery, Art, Murray Gill, Fremantle Gazette, November 1996
1993        Goldfields has big effect on artist, The Arts, Betty Bryant, Kalgoorlie Miner
1986        Original reworking of a local tradition, Art, Julie Prott, The Western Australian Newspaper, 20 December 1986, page 47
1985        Painters show skill, Tom Alberts and Peter Davidson, West Advertiser, 18 September, 1985, page 1




Australian National University, Canberra

Akashi Rehabilitation Hospital, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Tamatukuri Hospital - Shimane Prefecture

Kobe, Nishi Ku, Medical Center, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Wajima City Office – Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

The Robert Holmes à Court Collection - Western Australia
University of The Northern Territory
Bureau of Meteorology - Western Australia

British Consulate - Perth - Western Australia   
Ministry of Justice - Western Australia   
Westpac Banking Corporation - Western Australia   
K.C.G.M. Kalgoorlie - Western Australia   
Homestake Mining - South Australia   
Clayton Utz Solicitors - Western Australia   
Kalgoorlie College (now Curtin University) - Western Australia
Edith Cowan University - Western Australia
Goldfields Art Centre - Western Australia
Ministry of the Environment - Western Australia
Claremont Town Council - Western Australia
Mt Newman Mining / BHP Utah
Hobsons Press - New South Wales
Poseidon Mining - South Australia
CRA - Western Australia

Peter Davidson

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oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

oil on canvas

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Ink on paper

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