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At Gallery 360, we boast a fine collection of original art and invite you to come in and experience our stunning pieces, whilst taking advantage of the expertise of our design consultants.

Buying art takes a specific process and there are numerous elements to consider and take into account before making your big purchase. Firstly and most importantly, always ensure you buy art you love. This may seem simple, but it’s key in ensuring your piece stands the test of time. Secondly, make sure it fits well and is in harmony within your space, whether this be at the home or office. Finally, presentation is everything; ensure framing is of high quality and the right fit for your piece as this can make all the difference. If you’re not sure where to start, rest assured, our design consultants will work with you to advise what artwork will suit your space best.

To further assist your art buying process, Gallery 360 specifically chooses Western Australian artists with pieces that can fit in with your surroundings. We handpick these artists based on their artistic value, with works from Jo Duffy, Dylan Fox, Cameron Langridge, Christine Hingston, Jo Darvall, Kim Maple and so many more. These established artists are exquisitely unique in their pieces, providing Gallery 360 with the very best original art.

We also do framing and are home to some of the best art framers in Perth. From custom framing, photo frames and acrylic framing, Gallery 360 is West Australia’s premium framing gallery. We believe a good frame adds substance, protects and adds value to any piece and can essentially make or break the viewing pleasure. This is why we place the utmost importance in offering you the best framing service in Perth, and can create custom frames to suit your individual pieces.


Is a South African artist and has been painting since the age of seven. Her natural talent and pure passion for painting has led this self-taught artist to develop a profound style, exhibiting expressionism, colour and movement.  Her paintings are inspirations found in her travels and the love for the rich images surrounding her life.

After completing school, she studied Cordon Bleu cookery and worked as a cookery editor and food stylist for a leading South African Magazine, before opening her own cookery school. During her cookery years Natasha painted part time, and exhibited extensively in South Africa. Her love for the brush finally led to the decision to give up everything and paint professionally.   Natasha became a professional artist in 1998

Natasha paints in water based mediums, the paint application is thick and sometimes textured. Her subject dictates the flow of the paint.  Her love for sumi-e brushwork can sometimes be seen in her watercolours. 

Abstracts, Cats, African landscape and Flowers provide endless inspiration; they are absorbed in the mind and transferred to the canvas without looking at the subject. 

Her work can be found in corporate and private collections around the world and has been exhibited extensively in the UK, America and the Middle East.  Exploring new ideas and experimenting with creative thought ensures that Natasha’s paintings grow with her passion to enjoy a long and fruitful career.  Natasha’s work is currently published world-wide in open and limited editions by International print publishers.  She has done work for Hallmark cards and her paintings are currently decorating the set of two of Africa’s most loved Television productions. 


1999               Abu Dhabi Autumn Fair   

1999/08         Birmingham Spring Fair    

1999/03         Birmingham Autumn Fair 

2000/08         New York Artexpo                

2000               Atlanta Décor Show          

2001               6th Sense Show, London 

2001/02/08   Dubai Spring Fair                

2003               Decorex, South Africa       

2007               Las Vegas Artexpo             

2008               Toronto Artexpo                  

Art Shows

1995/02          Art in the Park, South Africa                    

2000/03          Affordable art show London                     

2001                Ideal Home show London                        

2003                Battersea Fine Art Fare                               

2001/03          Will’s Art Warehouse                                 

2007               Gateshead Art Fair, UK                            

2008               Heritage arts festival                                 

private exhibitions

2000              Apples and Pears Gallery, Preston, UK   

2001              Little Louvre Art Gallery, South Africa      

2002              Rubens Gallery Leeds, UK   

                       Pictures Plus, Maui, Hawaii                    

2003              Décor and Decaf Gallery, South Africa 

                       Outrigger Hotel, Maui, Hawaii

2005              Rainyday Gallery, Penzance England      

2006/07/08   Lisa Wendt Gallery JHB                          

2006              Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney      

2007              Zuva Gallery, Arizona                               

2008              The Lindsay Gallery                                 

Natasha Barnes

mixed media on paper

Mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas


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