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At Gallery 360, we boast a fine collection of original art and invite you to come in and experience our stunning pieces, whilst taking advantage of the expertise of our design consultants.

Buying art takes a specific process and there are numerous elements to consider and take into account before making your big purchase. Firstly and most importantly, always ensure you buy art you love. This may seem simple, but it’s key in ensuring your piece stands the test of time. Secondly, make sure it fits well and is in harmony within your space, whether this be at the home or office. Finally, presentation is everything; ensure framing is of high quality and the right fit for your piece as this can make all the difference. If you’re not sure where to start, rest assured, our design consultants will work with you to advise what artwork will suit your space best.

To further assist your art buying process, Gallery 360 specifically chooses Western Australian artists with pieces that can fit in with your surroundings. We handpick these artists based on their artistic value, with works from Jo Duffy, Dylan Fox, Cameron Langridge, Christine Hingston, Jo Darvall, Kim Maple and so many more. These established artists are exquisitely unique in their pieces, providing Gallery 360 with the very best original art.

We also do framing and are home to some of the best art framers in Perth. From custom framing, photo frames and acrylic framing, Gallery 360 is West Australia’s premium framing gallery. We believe a good frame adds substance, protects and adds value to any piece and can essentially make or break the viewing pleasure. This is why we place the utmost importance in offering you the best framing service in Perth, and can create custom frames to suit your individual pieces.

Jeremy Strack


ARTIST PUTTING THE MALE FIGURE BACK IN THE PICTURE - Artist of the MOnth September / october 2013



Perth artist Jeremy Strack is presenting a collection of works titled ‘l’homme’ at Gallery 360, Subiaco celebrating the male form. The artist says of these works, “Why is it the male figure and face is absent in contemporary art? We are bombarded with images of soft ethereal female faces and fluid silhouettes of the female figure imbibed with the long standing tradition of associating the female body with timeless ideals of beauty. The male seems to have been relegated to the Renaissance. I first started exploring this theme about four years ago and when the opportunity of this showing came up I was eager to present a full collection of works in this theme. Structurally, the male form produces a rugged landscape of strong shapes and contours that have been interpreted and abstracted to create this collection.”


The artist works from photographic images initially, converting them to grayscale and increasing the contrast levels to greater define shapes formed by area of light and shadow and from the contours of musculature. The sketch is refined, discarding some of the visual information to create an interesting composition. The final sketch is transferred to canvas and coloured using bright, bold and contrasting colours. Ceramic stucco and pumice stone are used to give the white backgrounds in which the forms float an effective texture.


 Jeremy says “The response to the artworks has been really great so far and beyond what I anticipated. There was a lot of work put into this and you are never quite sure how the works will be received when preparing for an exhibition so it is always a pleasant surprise when people are engaged by what you are presenting.”


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Exhibition runs until October 4th 2013


About Jeremy Strack

This emerging artist has a background in commercial art, having trained as an Illustrator at Curtin University’s School of Design. His talent was recognised with the award of best folio of his graduating class. Since completing his degree in 1998 he has completed a diverse range of jobs for a wide range of clients. During this time he also began to explore art as a form of self expression.


His background in Illustration clearly shows in his bold and stylised figurative work. The subjects are charismatic and emanate a quirky, cheerful quality.


Jeremy’s other foray is abstract art. His works feature strong juxtaposition of colour and texture. His choice of colours attempts to capture the essence of a feeling or mood and invoke an emotional response from the viewer.  




“I sometimes find working for a client (with the aim of fulfilling their design brief) quite limiting, whether it be due to the parameters of the brief or the materials being used. I find interesting effects can be achieved by exploring the capabilities of the media I enjoy using most- acrylics, watercolours and gouache and the way in which these media can interact and compliment each other. My figurative work is strongly influenced my work in the Illustration field. I immensely enjoy being able to create ‘characters’ and being able to construct my own scene or story for them in these pieces.


My abstract artworks are inspired by colours observed in my surroundings – natural and man made. They could be sourced from a seascape, a leaf, a postcard, an advertisement for example. Hence the effect can be a harmonious one or a vivid synthetic dependant on the inspiration. The ratios of colour and differing textures used are intended to create a subtle ambience or a bold contrasting effect. Although there is usually a direct source of inspiration for my abstract pieces I enjoy that people take away different interpretations or find different forms, something that seems to be an innate part of human nature – like looking skyward and trying to find recognisable shapes in cloud forms passing by.”





2011           Hale School Art Show, August

2009           Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, July

2007/08      Gallery 360, Subiaco, including Artist of the Month, March 2007 and September 2008

2008           Mooks Artspace, May

                   Blue Duck Cafe, Cottesloe

                   Ba Da Bing Cafe, Woodlands

2003/04/06 City of Stirling Art Awards

2003           Rockingham Art Awards

                   Fetish, Cottesloe

Jeremy Strack

acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas


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