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At Gallery 360, we boast a fine collection of original art and invite you to come in and experience our stunning pieces, whilst taking advantage of the expertise of our design consultants.

Buying art takes a specific process and there are numerous elements to consider and take into account before making your big purchase. Firstly and most importantly, always ensure you buy art you love. This may seem simple, but it’s key in ensuring your piece stands the test of time. Secondly, make sure it fits well and is in harmony within your space, whether this be at the home or office. Finally, presentation is everything; ensure framing is of high quality and the right fit for your piece as this can make all the difference. If you’re not sure where to start, rest assured, our design consultants will work with you to advise what artwork will suit your space best.

To further assist your art buying process, Gallery 360 specifically chooses Western Australian artists with pieces that can fit in with your surroundings. We handpick these artists based on their artistic value, with works from Jo Duffy, Dylan Fox, Cameron Langridge, Christine Hingston, Jo Darvall, Kim Maple and so many more. These established artists are exquisitely unique in their pieces, providing Gallery 360 with the very best original art.

We also do framing and are home to some of the best art framers in Perth. From custom framing, photo frames and acrylic framing, Gallery 360 is West Australia’s premium framing gallery. We believe a good frame adds substance, protects and adds value to any piece and can essentially make or break the viewing pleasure. This is why we place the utmost importance in offering you the best framing service in Perth, and can create custom frames to suit your individual pieces.

 Jack Willems


Born in 1954 in Geleen in the Netherlands.


Jack willems is connected to Delicious Art, a center for the arts ( Here he paints with other enthusiastic painters. Today Jack worksmainlyin his own studio.


Jack Willems started with watercolors but soon he preferred to use acrylic and drawing materials such as pencil, Indian ink and pastel.


In Jack Willems work he lets himself be inspired mainly by the human figure.

The expression of the face and body are very important to him. The works are figurative.


Jack usually paints female models. Jack’s own interpretation is reflected in the composition, use of color and brushwork.


The beauty of women is leading in his repertoire. Women with an intense look or a serene glance in a slightly erotic setting are the inspiration for his work.


A part of Jack’s work consists of Japanese girls in kimono (Bishoujo`s). Jack paints in acrylic In addition,he usesalldrawing materials.





September 2007       Van Abbe museum,Eindhoven (´t vierkanteei)

March 2008               Terpkerkje, Urmond (AlphonsWintersprijs)

December 2008        Gouvernementsgebouw, Maastricht (AlphonsWintersprijs)

June 2009                 Choc art final exhibition, Sittard

September 2009       Terpkerkje,Urmond (Laureates exhibition)

November 2009        Galerie Norbert Dabekaussen, Sittard

November 2012        Galerie Norbert Dabekaussen, Sittard (2nd solo exhibition)

November 2012        Gouvernementsgebouw, Maastricht (AlphonsWintersprijs)

August 2013              Gallery360, Australia

January 2014            Courthouse, Maastricht

March 2015               Art Delicious final exhibition, Sittard

October 2015            Galerie Norbert Dabekaussen, Sittard (3rd solo exhibition)


Jack Willems

oil on canvas

acrylic and oil on Linen

Acrylic and oil on Linen

Acrylic and oil on Linen

Acrylic and oil on Linen


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