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Artist of the Month



Trying to open up a space, bring more light into a room, or just wanting to introduce style without adding another artwork? Why not use a mirror.

Mirrors 1

Mirrors are a great way to introduce a unique sense of style without adding a context that isnt already in your room. Mirrors give the illusion of more space in a room and when positioned right can introduce light to the most darkest spaces in your home.

Mirrors 2

With Gallery 360's new style of mirrors you can finally find that perfect piece for above your fire place, dinning room, entrance or dressing table. There are so many places in a home that a mirror can be used, why not take advantage and make a statement. Our mirrors range from venetian, ornate, modern and minimalistic styles. Gallery 360 can make the most unique custom mirror designs or we can order a huge range in multiple sizes. Come into the gallery  to view our mirrors today.


Grouping Artworks

A great way to make a feature out of a plain wall in your home is by using artwork.



Grouping multiple pieces together and framing them in similar styles or using the same colour mat is a great way to achieve a contemporary,  yet eclectic look in a home.

BHP 006

Different sized artworks and frames (and different coloured frames) can all be a part of the one feature ..... if each piece is grouped evenly and is balanced; this creates a natural sense of flow of the artwork and then becomes more approachable.

BHP 011


Gallery 360 displays multiple artists on the one wall by colour blocking, this only needs one consistent colour to appear within each piece in the block, to acheive the sense of harmony .

You do not have to be too picky when colour blocking either, even having different tones of the same colour can work ,as you can see in the photo of the yellow artworks above.



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